by Howard Meuche
Max says:
Well Howie, guess I have to tell you that your writings are "jobs well done". Congrats!!!
Irena says:
Howard, thank you for important lesson, it's convenient to learn without need to buy a box of cigar for you !
Serge says:
You did it again, Howard. This is another "my kind
of story". I was taught this and many other lessons
by my Miami & Erie Railroad Section Foreman. His
name was Pete Ramsey, the wisest and strongest
man I ever new. I can hear him now. For example
when we were laying new rails, He would say, ok, 6
of you guys get your tongs, gather around that end and I'll get this end. After we picked up our end, Pete, would wrap his arms around his end,
straighten his huge legs with his share of 1,456 lbs. of steel and walk off.

I was the youngest hand in the Section being the
first High School kid he ever hired. I worked for Pete 2 Summers and about 6 months after the war
before college.

Pete's lessons held me in good stead later in business, especially the oil patch with range of personnel.
Mel says:
Howard, There's nothing better than being honest and straight forward. It definitely has positive benefits. I enjoyed the read....keep writing.