by Howard Meuche
Serge says:
Wow! You have been reading my mind, Howard.
During our communications these past few months, I've wanted to ask if you and Lou had a dog or two in your new home, but we always get side tracked on other subjects. I remember your Doberman and Lou's "Tuffy". back on the ranch in Indiana. I was never clear then how the 2 dogs got along, but I sensed that in each case they were interested only in you and Lou.

I didn't know, however, that "Tuffy" was a talking dog. I got the feeling that she is also talking about
our life's story.

Seriously, Howard, what a metaphor! Beautifully done! Let's keep coming out with those sevens
and elevens.

PS: Keep your eyes peeled for an Email. If I can
find it, I have a doggie story you'll enjoy.
Glenn says:
Awesome read ... really enjoyed the story. Thanks.