by Howard Meuche
Kay says:
I am grateful for all the wonderful stories and memories....Thank you!!!
Max says:
Howard, another side of you....the best one yet! A wonderful and touching story and one which 80 plus year olds can relate. Keep adding those chapters.
Glenn says:
Thank you Howard for sharing ... another great one.
My wife and I wish you and your family a safe and restful Christmas
Reg says:
Loved it! Those days, 1933, folks appreciated gifts more than most folks do today. Shopping malls didn’t exist, and ordering from the Sears catalog was a luxury. Merry Christmas Howard, , thanks for the story!
Mel says:
Howard, What a delightful story. A life worth living is a life worth sharing. Thank you for sharing.
P.S. I owe you a dollar.
Love, Your Niece says:
My mother loved Christmas more than anyone I ever knew. She would shop 'til she dropped to find the best gifts for eveyone encluding the paper boy, We were spoiled and it was a joy to have Christmas at my mother and father's house.
With age I have found my list of wants are tiny but the joy of pleasing others has replaced the anticipation of receiving. I guess I am growing up in spite of my grand children's wishes for me to be child like in my my heart forever.
AJP says:
Great word picture of happy memories, and not many of us left who remember the early 30's.