by Howard Meuche
Max says:
Howard, were you so "egg-centric" about your wife's egg? Just a thought! Probably why I scramble mine.
Mel says:
Howard, My mom always served burnt eggs and toast so I feel at home in most restaurants. Thank you for enlightening me,
Glenn says:
Another great one ... thanks Howard and ... have a great 2013!
Irena says:
Howard , thank you for assuming an attitude about over easy eggs. It' is a serious subject for me, I am like you : I know exactly how my eggs should be done and there is a reason I don't order eggs ( except in form of omlet ) in restaurant . I don't like to experirnce dissapointment and wait for my food when the rest of the company enjoys theirs. I make my eggs at home and they are PERFECT. I put some oil on the COLD pan and set burner on medium low. Crack 2 eggs (on the almost cold pan), salt them lightly, put the lid on and wait...5...6...may be 7-8 minutes, checking once a while...untli the white is not runny and the yolk is still perfectly liquid... No brown edges or chewy burns. No sending food back to the kitchen and waiting .No mess no stress !
i have learned this method from my daughter . I also learned, that I am not able to change others, the only way to make me happy is to learn and change myself...
Irena says:
HI Howard,
I have fresh updates in "The Eggs' Department" ! Recently I was introduced to "egg in a hole". Have you ever heard about such dish ? I cut a hole in the middle of a piece of toast, aplly a thin layer of butter on one side and position the toast on frying pan ( the side with butter is on the top) covered with some hot butter and olive oil mixture. I crack an egg into the hole and fry it until the bottom of the toast is golden brown. Then I flip the toast carefully, trying not to dislocate the egg and fry it for another 1-2 minutes. DELICIOUS ! I have to quit, becuse witting awoke my appetite for an egg in a hole, I am going to the kitchen right now ! PS Serge is not as enthusiastic about this recipe as I am, he still prefers over easy or scrambled eggs. What can I say,,,different strokes for different folks...