by Howard Meuche
Max says:
A sad story, particulary if your family had pets. .....Was glad to see that Max lived 17 years.
Kay says:
Another great story....and yes I cried again....
Mel says:
A very touching, well written, story. It's difficult losing a feline family member. Thank you for sharing.
Irena says:
I thank for the "Cat Story", however awoke very mixed emotions:
l had a big pleasure reading, because of the way you wrote it (piece of art!) and was struggling with my sadness because of the subject. I wasn't able to contain these two emotions at the same time....How to enjoy a sad story ? Should I be happy or more compassionate for the cat ? I am still confused... to the degree I wish couldn't have read it.
Russ says:
Fantastic tale --- brought tears
Serge says:
Pathos! Writing a story which embraces pity must
be the most difficult of all subjects, but you nailed it. Hemmingway couldn't have told it better.

I grew up during the same hard times in a town of
6,000 and never heard of a Doctor for pets. So if
a Vet existed, he must have been raising chickens
and selling eggs on the side to make a living.
Shoot, Most people couldn't even afford a Dentist.

My brother and I had 2 cats and 1 dog at various times. When they got sick or became disabled, our Dad gave them to a farmer. Of course, the tears flowed. After the last episode, Dad said "no more

Thanks, Howard, for a beautiful story --- sad as it
had to be..

So much for "The Good Old Days".