by Howard Meuche
Mel says:

Just finished reading your latest - Saigon. WOW ! This is an insightful look into history from a totally different perspective,
and quite an informative one, I might add.
Great piece of work!

Will we ever learn?
Neal says:
Great story!
AJP says:
Excellent, Howard, but also scary.
It's great (for old folks like me) that you share some of these experiences....
Max says:
You are beginning to make "Bogart" look like an amateur. Fantastic!!!!
Russ says:
Great read ----- The truth is sad but true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Serge says:
What a commentary on our government! It only took
one civilian (with a little local assistance) on one brief
business trip to get the intelligence straight.

It's a pathetic story, but as always, Howard, you told
VERY well.
mike says:
A wonderful story - well told and oh so true.
Herb says:
Right on Howard
Mel G says:
It seems the that we never learn, an excellent and well told story. My only question is who did your laundry and did you have to pay for the wedding?