by Howard Meuche
Russ says:
Great story ---- reminds me of some of my own !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Serge says:
I have never experienced crab fishing or such a feast. But, the way you tell the story, there will surely be a bump in crab meat sales. Very well done as usual, Howard.
Max says:
If I had known I was eating "callinectes sapidus",I probably would not have enjoyed them so much. Fond memories; blue crabs, Old Bay, burning lips, more is good!
Mel says:
A delightful story although I have difficulty relating to crabs, we never ate them. Do you have any Gefilte fish stories you can share?
I"m looking forward to your next story.
Phil Gillespie says:
Thanks Howard I enjoyed ALL your stories, I just wish I had a memery like yours.
Phyllis says:
Such a good story! I could taste the crab