by Howard Meuche
AJP says:
I especially liked the comment "I knew better than to venture an opinion...."How often that situation arises, but I seldom listen to my better self! Good story! AJP
Sherry says:
Boy does that bring back memories. Rich used to get into some uncomfortable situations while "Wining and Dining" clients in the electronic world. It was quite and interesting adventure we both shared when he was working.
From inside sales to being a rep the new things developed almost weekly were fascinating. Love your stories. Have you been reading any of mine?
Phil Gillespie........... says:
Howard, are you sure all these things have really happened in your life time? Keep up the story telling, you are doing a great job, Phil
Russ says:
Great story
Stan says:
I think I know Jack
Max says:
Are you shore that you are not "jacking " us? Your description of Jack is very real; nice job and keep 'em coming!
Mel says:
This also happened to a friend of mine that had his car parked by the valet service, only to find that the restaurant didn't offer valet service. for parking.
I always look forward to reading your stories. Keep them coming.
Bob says:
Not exactly right.