by Howard Meuche
Max says:
I'm surprised that is all Lou said???? Next time, "read the instructions". We are envious of your vast experiences- keep it up!
Russ says:
Neat story
Stan says:
I've been to Osaka several times and I've Benin on the Shinkansen a couple of times, I noticed on one of your pictures you had a shot of Mt Fuji so you had to have gotten a couple shots
Mel says:
Howard, I bet you're still using the camera.
I tell a similar story about the Golden Coral...."Once you eat there you'll never forget what you ate" . One time I remembered as I drove thru 4 states.
Serge says:
This has been one of your best and most
informative stories, Horward. It blows my mind
that you can remember so many specifics of a
long ago experience. Of course, it's also
beautifully expressed.
Sherry says:
The details you put into all your stories make me suspect you must remember more than you are telling about the Expo! I am sure it was beautiful!