by Howard Meuche
Mel says:
Dear Lou and Howard,
Kindly expect us to arrive for a one week stay during the month of December. We know you are both hospitable We are Vegans, and know you're both excellent cooks...We look forward to the delicacies you'll prepare for us.
With love,
A and M
Herb says:
Howard when are you going to invite me
Russ says:
Sounds like some of my friends
Serge says:

This has been one of your best and most
informative stories, Howard. It blows my mind
that you can remember so many specifics of a
long ago experience. Of course, it's also
beautifully expressed.
Max says:
Your memory must be a burden...In our home, you could stay six weeks and we would not even remember you were there. Thanks for the invitation!
Stan says:
We've had "friends" like that never had the courage to hide.
Sherry says:
This sounds like a "sit com". Too funny after it's over, not pleasant when they were in your house.
After the first boring visit I would have made that guest room into an office without a bed so they would have to pay to stay in a hotel. Bet they wouldn't have come back the next year!