by Howard Meuche
Glenn Bushong says:
Howard …

I am truly sorry to read that your ‘stories’ will be coming to an end. However, I do want to thank you for taking the time to share your moments with all that are interested. I know that when I see a notice that you have posted another story, I would forward it to my office, printed it in color saved it (along with all the others) in a binder. Then I would escape, if only for a moment, into the world on Howard.

They brought me to a reality other than my own and for that, I am grateful. You / they will be missed but you know the door is always open to share a future thought or a humorous remembrance if only in a sentence or a paragraph or so.

Howard, thank you and thank you for again for sharing.

Stan says:
Howard you can't quit you still have so much to offer. My favorite memory as a child was when you organized a caterpillar race, I still remember the small silver table probably aluminum, you put a cup over all the caterpillars and then taught us show, place and win, later you added Raid insect killer as a handicap, and pins to encourage the "horses". What an imagination
Max says:
Howard, as the song says, "Thanks for the memories". I was particularly impressed with your advice of learing how to have a happy life...disregard the "bad memories" , and recall the "good memories". $$ and "good memories on the way!
Herb Y says:
Howard you mean too much to many Try to keep going till we say good-bye
Russ says:
They will be missed my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kay odenwald says:
Thank you....I enjoyed every one of them....